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Miss Marple: The Complete Short Stories

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About Book

Author: Agatha Christie

Elderly Miss Jane Marple from St Mary’s Mead village applies skills of observation and deduction to mysteries, usually to murder from books Tuesday Club, Regatta, Three Blind Mice.
Tuesday Club
1 Tuesday Night Club
2 Idol House of Astarte
3 Ingots of Gold
4 Bloodstained Pavement
5 Motive v Opportunity
6 Thumbmark of St Peter
7 Blue Geranium
8 Companion
9 Four Suspects
10 Christmas Tragedy
11 Herb of Death
12 Affair at the Bungalow
13 Death by Drowning

14 Miss Marple Tells a Story

Three Blind Mice
15 Strange Jest
16 Tape Measure
17 Perfect Maid
18 Caretaker

Double Sin
19 Greenshaw’s Folly
20 Sanctuary


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