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History: From the Dawn of Civilization to the Present Day


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This comprehensive and compelling visual encyclopedia tells the story of our world in true depth and detail, from the origins of life on Earth right up until the 21st century. 

Human endeavor and achievement are charted and celebrated from every angle, alongside key events, groundbreaking ideas, political forces, and technological advances that have shaped our planet’s progress.

More than 600 pages chronicle global history in the most informative, illuminating, and inspiring way. Stunning images and illustrations bring the authoritative text to life, so each historical episode is explored and explained for easy reference and understanding. Important points in history, from the Battle of Hastings and the storming of the Bastille to D-day and 9/11, are given clear but concise coverage, together with profiles of influential figures, such as Rameses II, Julius Caesar, and Nelson Mandela. As each moment in history is defined and detailed, the causes and consequences are provided in supporting panels to provide a wider context and broaden our horizons. Contemporary issues, including climate change and the rise of social media, bring us out of the past and firmly into the present.

Recently updated and expanded, History is the story of humankind in which we all have a part to play. This classic compendium is a worthy addition to any bookshelf or library for generations of readers to look back in wonder at the world.

From the Publisher

DK Publishing Books HistoryDK Publishing Books History

DK Publishing Books HistoryDK Publishing Books History

DK Publishing Books History

DK Publishing Books History

DK Publishing Books History

DK Publishing Books History

DK Publishing Books History

DK Publishing Books History

What’s it about?

Join us on a fascinating journey through the ages and explore historical events through stunning computer-generated images, from what everyday life was like in medieval cultures to the ground-breaking, innovations of today.

Help your kids understand the history of America, from the cultures of the first Native Americans right up to the events of the present day, this visual encyclopedia is the ultimate reference tool for kids learning about the history of America.

The history of the war, written in chronological chapters, introduced by an overview of the military and political issues. Includes the major engagements, and discusses the war’s complicated far-flung theaters and the strategies of the two sides.

Maps don’t just show us where to go, but where we’ve been. A stunning overview of all human history, side by side with 140 custom maps. From the dawn of humanity in Africa to the wars in the Persian Gulf, with many millennia in between.


Learn about what everyday life was like in Egypt and how inventions like the printer came about, and discover why the world went to war – twice.

The background of key events that shaped American history, like the Battle of Yorktown and what started the American Revolution.

The reactions of ordinary civilians to the momentous events they witnessed, the effects of the Northern blockade and the fate of prisoners.

Maps exploring the Mongol Conquests, the scientific revolution, the American Civil War and industrialised Europe.






DK Publishing Books HistoryDK Publishing Books History

Publisher‏:‎DK; Revised, Updated edition (September 1, 2015)
Hardcover‏:‎620 pages
Item Weight‏:‎6.69 pounds
Dimensions‏:‎10.12 x 1.75 x 12.19 inches

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