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The Adversaries: A Story of Boston and Bunker Hill


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Boston, September 1774. It is the confrontation that changes the course of history … for England and for America. The tension between the colonies and Britain has reached a breaking point. The British are determined to tighten their grip on the colonies, but have underestimated the resolve of their subjects in Boston who refuse to bend the knee.

From the salons of London, where English elites plot the crushing of the colonies as coolly as playing a game of chess, to the halls of Philadelphia where firebrands challenge the British resolve, and to the backstreets of Boston where men who once called each other brothers in arms now plot against and fight each other for the Crown or for liberty, this compelling story tells the tale of the nine months that transformed the world.

In The Adversaries the men and women – who packed the powder keg and lit the fuse to the revolution that transformed distant colonies into a beacon of liberty – come to life on the streets of London, Boston, and Charlestown in a compelling and dramatic narrative of tested loyalties and fateful meetings.

The Adversaries is a compelling reminder of what occurs when leaders abandon eternal principles and the rule of law for avarice and power, and a free people tells its government it will not allow its freedoms to be abused any longer. The Adversaries is the story of Dr. Joseph Warren and his American comrades who with inspiring courage and heartbreaking sacrifice spark the greatest endeavor in human history: the founding of the free American Republic.

The Adversaries feels like you’re watching a movie as you race through the pages. It reminds us that we are free-born Americans and the heirs of Warren, Adams, Hancock and Revere who faced down the tyranny of the greatest military power in history. The question is, are we worthy of our inheritance?” Buck Sexton, Radio Show Host

“A lot of people talk about bringing American history to life; Ned Ryun has done that with The Adversaries. Set against the backdrop of America’s war for independence and the critical battle of Bunker Hill, this true-to-life story is packed full of fascinating historical detail that will make you appreciate America all the more. It’s a perfect combination of a compelling story, heroic characters, and lively writing.” Chris Buskirk, Editor-in-Chief, American Greatness

The Adversaries reminds us that the struggle between authoritarianism and the natural right to freedom is a constant one, no matter the time in history. While the men who fought for natural rights back then were viewed as seditious and guilty of insurrection by an arrogant ruling class in England, those men became the founders of the free American Republic.” Jack Posobiec, Senior Editor, Human Events

“Ned Ryun’s sweeping and compulsively readable novel, The Adversaries, is a thrilling reaffirmation of the power of history in an era when history is too often weaponized. . . In this unabashedly patriotic story, Ryun gives the men who bled for our freedom their due and challenges Americans today to be worthy of their sacrifice.” Kurt Schlichter, Senior Columnist, Townhall.com

“Ryun has written a love letter to the men and women who fought for and established a nation on a radical notion that we have come to take for granted: liberty first and forever. Courage, heroism, resolve and flat-out guts; it’s all here in this gripping story about the birth of our republic.” Steve Cortes, Host of Cortes and Pellegrino

“In any potential future struggle for liberty, the lessons learned from all the figures in the American revolution – not just the known “heroes” – will be imperative to one side’s victory.” Raheem Kassam, Editor-in-Chief of The National Pulse, Co-Host of The War Room


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