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The Dead Don’t Dance


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The Awakening SeriesThe Awakening Series

Experience Charles Martin’s debut novel, a story of loss and undying love written in his signature emotive and heartrending style. In this poignant Southern love story, Dylan and Maggie must come to terms with their past before they can embrace their future.

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Travel to a sleepy town square in Georgia, where a 7-year-old child sells lemonade to raise funds for a heart transplant, an onlooker watches, and a speeding truck comes around the bend, changing both lives forever. When paramedics find a malnourished 6-year-old boy near a burning car that holds a dead woman, they wonder who he is and why he won’t talk. Chase, a small-town journalist, is assigned to cover the story and investigate the boy’s identity. Photographer Tucker Mason has traveled the world, capturing things other people don’t see. But he’s blind to one thing: how to forgive his father. Returning to the Southern estate where he and his brother were raised, things begin to change. Singer/songwriter Cooper O’Connor thought he could make it big and lost everything in Nashville. After he survives being shot and left to die in a fire, he can no longer sing or play music. Will he find hope and healing when he returns home? Allie is recovering from a fire that destroyed her family’s restaurant, as well as her husband’s accidental death. After a bittersweet reunion with her childhood sweetheart, emerging secrets threaten to destroy hope for their second chance at love. A retired priest, Murphy Shepherd lives alone on an island tending the grounds for a church with no parishioners. On a mission to help a friend, he meets a woman searching for her daughter who may have been abducted into the world of trafficking.

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