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The Essential Oils Apothecary: Advanced Strategies and Protocols for Chronic Disease and Conditions


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Soothing practices, healing rituals, and 150+ practical recipes for applying essential oils to the treatment and symptom management of 25 chronic illnesses, including insomnia, libido, fibromyalgia, COPD, anxiety, depression, diabetes. dementia. and more—by the bestselling author of The Healing Power of Essential Oils

“The most comprehensive essential oils resource I know . . . I highly recommend it!”—Amy Myers, MD, New York Times bestselling author of The Autoimmune Solution and The Thyroid Connection

Extracted directly from the bark, flowers, leaves, resins, and roots of plants, essential oils are highly concentrated plant-based chemical compounds that have been the basis for natural medicine for thousands of years. Whether you apply them topically, ingest them, or diffuse them in the air, they are scientifically proven to work on the body’s physiology gently and quickly, which is why more and more people living with chronic conditions—from insomnia, hypertension, and fibromyalgia to Parkinson’s, epilepsy, insulin resistance, cancer, and even Alzheimer’s disease—are reaching for them as a complementary therapy.

Drawing on their authoritative understanding of these powerful concentrations and their mastery of DIY usage, Dr. Eric and Sabrina Ann Zielinski share more than 150 research-backed and easy-to-prepare topical recipes, capsule remedies, and diffusions that work to combat the root causes of all disease: stress, anxiety, and systemic inflammation. Using oils from more than 70 aromatic plants—from copaiba and lemongrass to turmeric and ylang ylang—their healing formulations include:

• Earthy Wood Inhaler, the perfect way to bring nature inside—“forest bathing” on demand!
• Immune-Boosting Diffuser Blend, to help protect your body against airborne pathogens.
• IBD Synergy Capsules, a gentle mixture of coriander, Melissa, and peppermint to soothe and promote gut health
• Extra-Strength Bone and Joint Salve, powerful pain relief that uses CBD, frankincense, lavender and wintergreen.
• Sensual Body Spray, an alluring scent to help spice up your love life!

Easy to prepare and apply, these time-tested recipes and protocols will help you take control of your health and start to enjoy the abundant life again!

From the Publisher




1. Drop all of the essential oils into a medium glass bowl.

2. Add the shea butter along with the almond, apricot, and jojoba oils—and mix well.

3. Rub over sore bones and arthritic joints daily for four weeks, and monitor symp­toms.

4. Store in a glass-lidded jar or lotion dispenser.


30 drops eucalyptus essential oil

30 drops sweet marjoram essential oil

16 drops lavender essential oil

16 drops peppermint essential oil

16 drops rosemary essential oil

1 oz. shea butter

4 oz. sweet almond oil

4 oz. apricot oil & 1 oz. jojoba oil

Golden Milk Golden Milk


Serves 2

Always of the most-favored spices in the world, ginger also has many proven health benefits—including some pertaining to liver health. Because it is rich in antioxidants, ingesting ginger essential oil (and its component citral) has been shown to be highly effective at protecting the liver from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease caused by a high-fat diet. Specifically, research has shown that ginger oil and citral “effectively enhanced the antioxidant capacities and reduced inflammatory response,” suggesting they can protect against steatohepatitis (a type of fatty liver characterized by inflammation). Try an ancient Indian culinary approach to taking ginger by adding it to our essential-oil-powered “golden milk” tea.


1. In a small saucepan set over low to medium heat, combine all ingredients.

2. Whisk frequently until the liquid is hot. Do not let it boil.

3. Serve immediately. This is perfect as a soothing, healing drink before bed.

4. Any leftovers can be refrigerated for up to 1 week. Reheat gently before serving.


1½ cups unsweetened vanilla-flavored coconut milk

1 tbsp. organic virgin coconut oil

1½ tsp. organic ground turmeric

½ tsp. organic pumpkin pie spice blend

2 drops cinnamon bark essential oil

1 drop black pepper essential oil

1 drop clove bud essential oil

1 drop ginger essential oil & Healthy sweetener to taste—coconut sugar, maple syrup, or stevia work

Publisher‏:‎Rodale Books (September 7, 2021)
Paperback‏:‎384 pages
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Dimensions‏:‎7.51 x 0.87 x 8.43 inches

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